Where you will find all
your Promotional Product needs.

 Imagine an animal with the head of a horse, tail of a monkey,
eyes like a chameleon, a straw for a mouth,
who lives like a fish, yet carries young like a kangaroo.

That’s the kind of promotional creativity
one should expect and we will deliver.

 Top 5 Ways Promotional Products Work

1. Make an impact at Tradeshows!
Recipients of promotional products have a significantly more favorable impression of a company than those who do not recieve promotional products.  In fact 62% have done business with the advertiser on a product after receiving it and 84% remembered the advertisers of the promotional products they've received.  Some ideal promotions for tradeshows include hand sanitizers, lip balm, and custom imprinted gum packets.  Really leave an impression with some "Luxury Promotions" for your more promising prospects.

2. Boost Awareness of your Campaign
66% say they could remember the brand on a promotional product they recieved during the last year.  To really stand out make it something unique!  Contact us today to learn about some of the newest promotions to hit our market or let us come up with a marketing scheme for your campaign.

3. Keep your Brand Fresh
Employee aparel, volunteer tote bags, magnets, coffee tumblers and mugs, scratch pads, pens, coasters, the list goes on and on.  Keeping your brand in the public eye will keep your business on the forefront and insure your identity is remembered.

4. Draw Customers with Free Gifts
Encourge more contact and reward loyalty with a "Thank You", plus research shows that 37% of people will like a brand on facebook because of an offer, and 43% of people will like a brand on twitter because of an offer.

5. Enhance Fundraising and Events
Held a dance marathon or fun run?  Spring Festival?  City Event?
Promotions make the perfect reward.  Or better yet, sell to the general public to raise awareness and funds for your campaign.


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