Awareness Ribbon Color Meanings

These are correct to the best of our knowledge. If you see any errors or if a ribbon color is missing feel free to let us know:

January Awareness
Birth Defects – Lt Blue Ribbon and Pink Ribbon
Glaucoma – Green Ribbon
Graves Disease - Lt Blue Ribbon
March of Dimes – Lt Blue and Pink Ribbon
Thyroid Disease – Lt Blue Ribbon

February Awareness
Anorexia Nervosa – Periwinkle Ribbon
Bipolar Disorder – Green Ribbon
Bulimia Nervosa - Periwinkle Ribbon
Cardiovascular Disease – Red Ribbon
Congenital Heart Defects – Red Ribbon
Congenital Heart Disease – Red Ribbon
Congestive Heart Failure – Red Ribbon
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – Lime Green Ribbon
Eating Disorders – Periwinkle Ribbon
Heart Disease – Red Ribbon
Macular Degeneration – Purple Ribbon
Marfan Syndrome – Red Ribbon

March Awareness
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Dark Blue Ribbon
Colon Cancer – Dark Blue Ribbon
Colorectal Cancer – Dark Blue Ribbon and Brown Ribbon
Endometriosis – Yellow Ribbon
Familial Polyposis – Brown Ribbon
Hemophilia – Red Ribbon
Kidney Cancer – This color is now Orange - use to be Green Ribbon
Kidney Disease – This color is now Orange - use to be Green Ribbon
Kidney Donation – This color is now Orange - use to be Green Ribbon
Lymphedema – Dark Blue Ribbon
Mental Retardation – Green Ribbon
Multiple Sclerosis – Orange Ribbon
Rectal Cancer – Dark Blue Ribbon
Self Injury – Orange Ribbon
Short Bowel Syndrome – Dark Blue Ribbon
Spay or Neuter Pets – Dark Blue Ribbon

April Awareness
Animal Abuse – Purple Ribbon
Asperger Syndrome – Puzzle Ribbon
Autism – Puzzle Ribbon
Cesarean Section – Burgundy Ribbon
Child Abuse Prevention – Dark Blue Ribbon
Cushing Syndrome – Light Blue Ribbon
Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) – Red Ribbon
Driving Under The Influence – Red Ribbon
Environment – Green Ribbon
Head and Neck Cancer – Red and White Ribbon
Human Papilloma Virus – Light Green Ribbon
Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Periwinkle Ribbon
Living Organ Donation –Green Ribbon
Mother’s Against Drunken Drivers (MADD) – Red Ribbon
Oral Cancer – Red and White Ribbon
Organ Donation – Green Ribbon
Organ Transplant – Green Ribbon
Parkinson's Disease – Silver Ribbon
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder – Teal Ribbon
Rape – Teal Ribbon
Sarcoidosis – Purple Ribbon
Sexual Assault – Teal Ribbon
Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Light Green Ribbon
Sjogren's Syndrome – Purple Ribbon
Substance Abuse – Red Ribbon and Teal Ribbon
Testicular Cancer – Purple Ribbon
Tissue Donation – Green Ribbon

May Awareness
Addison's Disease – Light Blue Ribbon
Allergies – Gray Ribbon
Arthritis – Dark Blue Ribbon
Asthma – Gray Ribbon
Behcets Disease – Light Blue Ribbon
Brain Cancer – Gray Ribbon
Brain Tumor – Gray Ribbon
Celiac Disease – Light Green
Cerebral Palsy – Green Ribbon
Childhood Depression – Green Ribbon
Colitis – Dark Blue Ribbon
Crohn's Disease – Dark Blue Ribbon
Cystic Fibrosis – Purple Ribbon
Elderly Abuse – Silver Ribbon
Fibromyalgia (men/women) – Purple Ribbon
Food Allergies – Teal Ribbon
Foster Care – Lavender Ribbon
Gullian Barre Syndrome – Dark Blue Ribbon
Hearing Disorders – Gold and Silver Ribbon
Hearing Impairments – Gold and Silver Ribbon
Hepatitis C – Red and Yellow Ribbon
High Blood Pressure – Red Ribbon
Huntington's Disease – Dark Blue Ribbon
Lyme Disease – Lime Green Ribbon
Lupus – Purple Ribbon
ME/CFIDS – Dark Blue Ribbon
Melanoma – Black Ribbon and Orange Ribbon
Mental Health – Green Ribbon
Mental Illness – Green Ribbon
Missing Children – Green Ribbon
Muscular Dystrophy – Lime Green Ribbon
Neurofibromatosis – Green Ribbon
Pediatric Stroke – Purple and Blue Ribbon
Rheumatoid Arthritis – Purple and Blue Ribbon
Schizophrenia – Silver Ribbon
Skin Cancer – Orange Ribbon
Sleep Apnea – Black Ribbon
Sleep Disorders – Black Ribbon
Spinal Cord Injury – Green Ribbon
Stroke – Red Ribbon
Suicide – Yellow Ribbon
Tinnitus – Gold and Silver Ribbon
Tourette's Syndrome – Green Ribbon
Troop Military Support – Yellow Ribbon
Antiphospholid Antibody – Burgundy Ribbon

June Awareness
Aphasia – Gray Ribbon
Gay Pride – Rainbow Ribbon
Headaches – Burgundy Ribbon
Same Sex Marriage – Rainbow Ribbon
Scleroderma – Light Blue Ribbon
Tourette’s Syndrome – Green Ribbon

July Awareness
Sarcoma – Yellow Ribbon

August Awareness
Bone Cancer – White Ribbon
Drowning – Dark Blue Ribbon
Meningitis – Burgundy Ribbon
Meningococcal Meningitis – Burgundy Ribbon
Psoriasis – Orchid and Orange Ribbon
Steven Johnson Syndrome – Dark Blue Ribbon
Velo-Cardio Facial Syndrome – Light Blue Ribbon

September Awareness
9/11 – Red and White Ribbon
ADHD – Purple Ribbon
Adhesions – Burgundy Ribbon
Alopecia – Dark Blue Ribbon
Brain Aneurysm – Burgundy Ribbon
Childhood Cancer – Gold Ribbon
Chronic Illness – Light Blue Ribbon
Dystonia – Dark Blue Ribbon
Endometrial Cancer – Peach Ribbon
Gynecological Cancer – Lavender Ribbon
Hystiocytosis – Dark Blue Ribbon
Leukemia – Orange Ribbon
Leukodystrophies – Dark Blue Ribbon
Liver Cancer – Yellow Ribbon
Liver Disease – Yellow Ribbon
Lymphoma – Lime Green Ribbon
Mitochondrial Disease – Green Ribbon
Myositis – Dark Blue Ribbon
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma – Lime Green Ribbon
Ovarian Cancer – Teal Ribbon
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – Teal Ribbon
Prostate Cancer – Light Blue Ribbon
Reye's Syndrome – Dark Blue Ribbon
Sickle Cell Anemia – Burgundy Ribbon
Thyroid Cancer – Purple Ribbon
Uterine Cancer – Peach Ribbon
Victims of 9/11 – WTC – Purple Ribbon
WTC Hero's – Red and White Ribbon
WTC Victims – Red and White Ribbon

October Awareness
Anti-Bullying – Teal Ribbon
Anxiety Disorder – Teal Ribbon
Breast Cancer – Pink Ribbon
Cultural Diversity – Orange Ribbon
Depression – Green Ribbon
Down Syndrome – Blue & Yellow Ribbon
Dyslexia – Silver Ribbon
Eczema – Orchid and Orange Ribbon
Hunger – Orange Ribbon
Interstitial Cystitis – Dark Blue Ribbon
LGBT - Rainbow
Literacy – Green Ribbon
Manic Depression – Green Ribbon
Mental Illness – Gray Ribbon
Post-Polio Syndrome – Burgundy Ribbon
Spina Bifida – Yellow Ribbon
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) – Pink and Light Blue Ribbon
Victim's Rights – Dark Blue Ribbon

November Awareness
Adoptee – White Ribbon
Adoption – White Ribbon
Alpha-1 Antitrypsin – Purple Ribbon
Alzheimer's Disease – Purple Ribbon
Anti-Tobacco – Brown Ribbon
Bone Marrow Donation – Green Ribbon
Caregiver – Lavender Ribbon
Colitis – Purple Ribbon
COPD – Gold Ribbon
Crohn’s Disease – Purple Ribbon
Diabetes – Gray Ribbon
Domestic Violence – Purple Ribbon
Emphysema – Pearl Ribbon
Epilepsy – Lavender Ribbon
Homelessness – Purple Ribbon
Hospice Care – Burgundy Ribbon
Hypertension – Red Ribbon
Juvenile Diabetes – Gray Ribbon
Lung Cancer – Pearl Ribbon
Lung Disease – Pearl Ribbon
Pancreatic Cancer – Purple Ribbon
Pancreatitis (Chronic) – Purple Ribbon
Premature Birth – Pink and Light Blue Ribbon
Pulmonary Hypertension - Periwinkle
RSD/CRPS - Orange Ribbon
Tobacco – Brown Ribbon

December Awareness
AIDS – Red Ribbon
Aplastic Anemia – Red Ribbon
Bone Marrow – Red Ribbon
HIV/HCV Co-Infection – Red Ribbon