Get the Scoop...

  • Jan 20, 2019

Local Creative & Effective Promotion featuring...
Krannert School of Management


We love promotions that draw attention with their creativity and usefulness.  Krannert School of Management managed to do just that with their "Get the Scoop" theme at a recent reception which provided ice cream for dessert along with a take-home ice cream scoop!

From the event booth invitations were handed out with a "Get the Scoop" theme for the upcoming reception.  Teasers where also shared via Facebook and one-on-one networking.  The reception was a Great success, with 520 attendees.  The scoops were actually better than what the ice cream providers had so they were also used during the event (after being washed).  The remaining scoops will be included in Senior Goody Bags with a message about "Staying in Touch, Get the Scoop at..."  Word has traveled and now everyone wants one!! 

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