Discover some of our favorite new products...

Webcam Covers 

People are becoming increasingly aware of the need for webcam security.  Offer your target group piece of mind while putting your brand front and center!

Selfie Sticks Maximum Exposure Selfie Stick

They're here, they're popular, and they're a great way to promote your business or event!


Headphone Charms  PVC-HD PVC charm for headphone

2D custom shape PVC charm for headphone, up to 4 colors (PMS Matched).


Mood Shot Glass  

How fun are these?!? Changes color with chilled shots; Unique square bottom, round top design; 1 oz. line marked on inside.



Attach it to your hoodie, cords, sunglasses, zipper, anything!!!


Motar Board Topper 

Give graduates a parting gift, or welcome new students with a topper for their graduation caps!

Power Banks  
Power small enough to carry in your pocket! Don’t be tethered to your wall charger. Energy Bar Power Bank charges your phone when you are out and about!